The EzeBrush - The all-in-one tool for maintaining superior health
The EzeBrush - The all-in-one tool for maintaining superior health

At EzeBrush, our mission is to help you improve your oral health and long-term well being. Behind all of our efforts, we are committed to your health, your smile, our product quality, and our planet.

Your Health

at EzeBrush, we know that your oral health and your total health are inseparable. Tooth decay and periodontal disease are the two biggest threats to your oral health, yet both are highly preventable through proper care and maintenance. Additionally, research proves links between gum disease and many general health risks including stroke, heart disease, lung disease, premature births, and several common systemic diseases.

Your Smile

All dentists will agree that brushing after meals is the best way to care for your smile. We want to make it easy and sanitary to brush and floss whenever, and wherever.

When your smile is clean, healthy, and bright, you smile more often. And smiling makes you feel good, reduces stress, contributes to success, and makes others feel good, too!

Our Quality

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products possible.  Your satisfaction is our top priority;If for any reason you aren’t happy with your ezeBrush, let us know and we will do everything we can to make you happy because we care about you.

Our Planet

At EzeBrush, we design our products around minimizing waste and reducing our global footprint. The toothpaste delivery system is automatic, yet powered by your finger. There are no batteries to replace or throw away. From the materials we choose, to the packaging and the distribution systems we implement, as responsible inventors, we are kind to the Earth.

The EzeBrush Team

Our employees are called team members, and we treat them all the same—the very best—no matter their education or ability. This includes never using minimum wage laborers. Each team member plays a critical role in delivering unmatched quality products and providing the ultimate level of service.

Michael Ziadeh

Michael Ziadeh


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