The EzeBrush, the Total Oral Health Care System

Whether you need a quick brush or a full oral care regiment, the EzeBrush was designed to meet all of your oral care needs.

Whether your at home or on the go, the EzeBrush oral health care system has everything you need for a bright and healthy smile.

all-in-one oral health care system

All-in-one design

For ultimate convenience, the toothbrush, toothpaste and floss are all contained within the EzeBrush.

automatically applied toothpaste


The EzeBrush automatically applies the correct amount of toothpaste to the toothbrush each time it’s activated.

Fast and easy oral care

Fast and easy

All it takes is two seconds; Remove the cover and slide the lever forward and you’re ready to brush, anywhere and at any time.

The EzeBrush is completely refillable


The toothpaste, floss and brush head are all replaceable.  When needed just snap new ones into place and go.

EzeBrush - The Ultra-portable Oral Health Care System


With everything contained in one package the EzeBrush is the most portable oral care system around… period!

Germ fighting nano-silver coatings for the ultimate in oral hygene


The EzeBrush has vents that allow the brush head to dry and is coated with nano-silver which eliminates bacteria.

With the EzeBrush, it’s as easy as 1… 2… 3

Remove the Cover

Slide the Lever Forward


When you’re done, just retract the brush and place the cover back on the EzeBrush.  It’s now ready to go… anywhere and everywhere you go.

The power of a smile!

The power of a smile
The power of a smile

EzeBrush hopes to make this world a better place for all of us, by helping people smile more, and live a happier and healthier life.


How much will the EzeBrush cost?

$24.99, loaded and ready to brush.

How long will the toothpaste cartridge last?

Each cartridge will provide 30 or more applications.

How long will the floss cartridge last?

Just like the toothpaste, 30 or more uses.

Does the EzeBrush have batteries?

No.   Batteries NOT required.

Where can I buy an EzeBrush?

We are gearing up for manufacturing now, so please sign up for our mailing list and we will keep you posted on all updates as we get closer to production. 

Where will the EzeBrush be manufactured?

The reality is that the EzeBrush is very costly to manufacture here in the great U.S.A.  We are entirely self-funded, and we will do everything we can to have it manufactured here in the US, and you can help by telling others and sharing our story. 

What kind of toothpaste is in the EzeBrush?

We are creating our own brand of toothpaste that is all natural and great tasting as well.

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